Contortionist | Aerial Hoop Artist | Aerial Tissu Artist

Dwoira Galilea was born in Coney Island, and trained in rhythmic gymnastics from ages 9-13,
and began circus training alongside theatre, dance and vocal training at age 11.
After graduating from the Performing Arts High School in NYC, Dwoira moved to San Francisco, to hone her skills and specialize in contortion, aerial hoop and tissu.

In 2010, she performed solo contortion in the opening sequence of the Dave Chappelle Comedy Night in Oakland, CA, and has performed internationally in nightclubs, with traditional and contemporary circuses, at corporate events, and even on cruise ships.

Believing that appearance is equally as impressive as physical skill, Dwoira is considered by her peers to be a master of elaborate and glamorous hair, as well makeup and wardrobe.
Dwoira specializes in contortion, aerial hoop and aerial tissu.

Amelia’s Performance Highlights

  • July 2014 January 2015 – Celebrity Cruises Equinox
  • June 2014 Summer Circus Spectacular, Canada- Atmospheric Performer (Contortion, Lollipop Lyra, Mermaid)
  • 2014 Wonderworld Entertainment- Austin, TX- Contortion, Aerial Hammock, Tissu
  • 2014 Supperclub LA, Los Angeles, CA- Tissu, Contortion, Dance
  • April 2014 Shrine Circus, Canada- Contortion, Tissu, Aerial Hoop
  • July 2013, 2014 Circus Bella Circus in the Parks, California -Contortion, Tissu, Aerial Hoop
  • 2013-present Earth Circus Entertainment, Northern CA- Contortion, Dance, Character
  • Nov 2012-Jan 2013- Circus Bella, Huis Ten Bosch, Japan- Contortion, Group Juggling
  • Apr-June 2012 Cirque Mondo March, Canada – Contortion, Tissu
  • 2012-present Velocity Circus, San Francisco, CA- Contortion, Character
  • May-November 2011 Fantazia Circus, USA- Contortion, Aerial Hoop, Tissu
  • March-April 2011 Cirque Mondo, Canada- Contortion, Aerial Hoop, Tissu
  • March 2011 Circus Hamid, USA- Contortion, Aerial Hoop, Tissu, Elephant display
  • April-July 2010 Cirque Estival, Canada- Spanish Web
  • August 2010 Cirque Equinox, Tennessee Fair, USA- Contortion, Aerial hoop, Hanging Perch Duo
  • Sept 2010 Dave Chappelle Comedy Night, Oakland, CA- Opening with solo contortion
  • Aug-Oct 2009 Vau de Vire Society with Stolichnaya, USA- Contortion, Aerial Hoop
  • 2009 Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco, CA- Contortion, dance
  • 2007-present Supperclub SF, San Francisco, CA- Contortion, Tissu, Dance, Character