Clown | Comic Magician | Sword Swallower

Hernán Cortez is passionate performer and producer of outdoor celebrations and ceremonies.
A deft Sideshow Entertainer, he melds the art of death defying theater and scintillating comedic spectator involvement, filling his audiences with laughter and jaw-dropping wonder. Hernán often performs as a street “busker” at fairs and other local events, as well as parties and corporate events around town. He also runs a MUSEUM like circus-y tent filled with strange and unusual items, and complete with 40 foot of sideshow banners.
His show is said to have been “gleaned from the far reaches of the globe: Chupacabras, fiji mermaids, shrunken heads and Rat-Men caught in traps.”

Hernán can often be found honing his art form at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, where every skill is crowd tested and theatrically staged.
Hernán’s skills include: Comedic magic, clowning, sword swallowing, juggling and crowd interactive “acrobatics”.